Your Hideaway in the Vibrant Cityscape

The RISE Makati is an exceptional luxury condominium in the heart of Makati. This exclusive development redefines cosmopolitan living, presenting a refined selection of premium amenities, state-of-the-art design, and impeccable build quality. All of this is thoughtfully integrated into the vibrant and growing North Makati district (NOMA).

Discover a sophisticated lifestyle that seamlessly blends urban convenience and modern elegance, right here at The RISE Makati.

Why The RISE Makati Is Your Ultimate Luxurious Condominium Choice

Each layout of our luxury condo in Makati offers a bird's eye perspective, showcasing the harmonious integration of exterior landscapes and lush green spaces. Strategically positioned near major thoroughfares and significant developments, these thoughtfully crafted floor plans ensure an unparalleled living experience that embodies elegance, convenience, and urban sophistication.

The Studio

Its 25.08 square meters area offers ample room for customization that perfectly suits your unique style and preferences.

The One-Bedroom with Balcony

With an area ranging from 27.17 to 29.20 square meters, you can enjoy a thoughtfully optimized layout that maximizes every inch of space.

The One-Bedroom Corner (East Wing Only)

Located in the East Wing, these spacious apartments offer a generous area of 40.61 square meters, providing an abundance of room for relaxation and personalization.

The One-Bedroom with Balcony (East Wing Only)

With a floor area ranging from 27.51 to 28.59 square meters, these spaces provide a comfortable living environment with the added benefit of outdoor access.

The One-Bedroom without Balcony (Type 1)

Thoughtfully designed without a balcony, it boasts an expansive area of 40.61 square meters. This unit offers the perfect blend of functionality and style.

The One-Bedroom without Balcony (Type 2)

With an expansive area of 41.53 square meters, this carefully planned layout prioritizes the effective utilization of space while offering a comfortable living environment.

The One-Bedroom Core (East Wing Only)

This exhibits a spacious layout ranging from 33.60 to 35.88 square meters, where you can revel in the thoughtful utilization of space that caters to your upscale, urban lifestyle.

The One-Bedroom Core with Balcony (East Wing Only)

A spacious and well-designed layout spanning 31.64 square meters, this one blends style, function, and comfort, creating the ultimate haven.

The One-Bedroom Core without Balcony (Type 1)

With areas ranging from 33.60 to 35.88 square meters, this offers a lavish expanse for you to carve out your sanctuary.

The One-Bedroom Core without Balcony (Type 2)

With a generously spread area between 33.60 to 35.88 square meters, these units prioritize the full use of the expansive indoor space for the unparalleled lifestyle you deserve.

The 2-Bedroom Corner (North and West Wings Only)

Retreat to your sanctuary after a productive day at the office. With an area of 73.56 square meters, this unit offers ample room for young couples and small families to thrive.

The 2-Bedroom Premium

Our Two-Bedroom Premium offerings provide a perfect blend of style, comfort, and room to grow, with an impressive area of 73.56 square meters.

The 2-Bedroom Core (North and West Wings Only)

This unit is generously appointed with an expansive area of 72.71 to 75.07 square meters, providing a decadent canvas to call your home.