The grand Adventure

Life isn't always about where you work, or the kind of clothes you wear. Nor is it just about the wheels you drive, or the expectations you strive to meet. It's about something else entirely.

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We think it's about the family you cherish, and the friends you make along the way.

It's about doing what you want. It's about the freedom to decide for yourself. It's not about what you have, but what you can achieve. We think it's about the moments where you step back and realise life's a grand adventure.

The Rise is your canvas, and we invite you to create your masterpiece.

You World your Rules

You're active, you're passionate, and you live life to the fullest. Your home is your base from where you plan your days (and your nights); where you unwind after your adventures.

Your home is yours to create. The possibilities are endless.

Floor Plans

At a Glance

  • 55
    Units per floor split into 3 wings
  • 17 / 21
    Units for the North and South Wings / Units for the East Wing
  • 18
    Number of Passenger Lifts
  • 746 slots
    Number of resident's parking slots
  • 2 Floors
    Of state of the art gym
  • 380M
    Distance of private jogging path
  • 28M
    Tropical swimming pool
  • 7647SQM
    Of amenities spaces
  • 280SQM
    Of childrens playground
  • 100SQM
    Of space for BBQ
  • 1620SQM
    Area of green spaces
  • 51
    Number of restaurants & shops

Other Services

  • 24hr CCTV
  • Non-smoking lounge areas
  • Intercom
  • Central mailbox
  • Reception services
  • Elevator pass card
  • Spaces at the rise
    A new amenities concept
  • Karaoke rooms
  • Swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Centralized garbage disposal
  • Function rooms

Sophistication Meets Convenience

From exquisite amenities to prime locations, the best condominium in Makati should exceed your expectations. The RISE Makati showcases the epitome of modern living, offering an exceptional blend of convenience and sophistication. Discover why this should be your dream condo, where urban vibrancy meets refined elegance, and elevate your lifestyle to new heights.

Reasons Why Makati Has a High Condo Market

Makati's flourishing condo market, where a perfect blend of factors beckons investors from near and far. At the heart of it lies Makati's central location, offering unparalleled convenience and connectivity to key destinations. Paired with world-class amenities and a cosmopolitan lifestyle, it's no wonder both local and international buyers are captivated.

The Epicenter of Business Excellence

Makati's best condos boast a unique advantage – their proximity to prestigious financial institutions and the headquarters of industry titans across Metro Manila. This unbeatable location makes the city a magnet for ambitious professionals who yearn for the ultimate convenience of residing just steps away from their workplace.

Stunning Architectural Landscape

An awe-inspiring architectural landscape adorns the best condos in Makati. Each residence showcases visionary designs, seamlessly blending modern elements with timeless elegance. Meticulous craftsmanship brings these masterpieces to life, creating a captivating visual spectacle that elevates your living experience to new heights.

Thriving Urban Vibe and Culture

This city throbs with irresistible energy, offering an extraordinary fusion of entertainment, artistry, musical enchantment, and tantalizing culinary delights. From bustling shopping meccas to an electrifying nightlife, Makati's cultural kaleidoscope transforms it into an enchanting haven for residents who crave endless opportunities for personal enrichment.

On-Demand Luxury Condominiums

The allure of on-demand luxury condominiums in Makati is a seamless blend of comfort and convenience. Residences cater to your every need, with an array of top-notch amenities available at your fingertips. From exclusive fitness centers to rejuvenating spas, every desire is effortlessly fulfilled.